(Assignment) Social Science Assignments (All Possible Questions) Class X Board (HISTORY)

Social Science Assignments (All possible questions)
Class X Board



1. Which two countries are leading the procession in Sorrieu painting and why.
2. What is meant by absolutist.
3. What is a Nation-State
4. What measures were taken by the revolutionary govt. in France to create a collective identity amongst the French people
5. What measures were taken by the revolutionary govt .(Napoleon) to spread Nationalism in Europe? What were the reactions of the local people?
6. What did Liberalism mean in political and economic field?
7. What was zollvereign? What were its significance?
8. What were the provisions of the Vienna congress?
9. Who were conservatives?
10. Who were Revolutionaries? Who was their leader? Which societies did he form?
11. Who said “When France sneezes, the rest of Europe catches cold” prove this with two examples.
12. How did Romantic Imagination help in the formation of Nation state?
13. What was the significance of the revolt of Silesian weaves?
14. What is meant by the Revolution of the Liberals or significance of Frankfurt parliament?
15. Describe the stages of German unification.
16. Describe the stages of Italian Unification.
17. How was Britain made into a nation State?
18. How allegories were used for visualizing a nation?


19. How did nationalist tension in the Balkans create condition of the first world war?
20. How the growth nationalism in India was tied with anti-colonial movement?
21. What was the effect of I world war on national movement?
22. What was the idea of Satyagraha?
23. What were the early experiments of Mahatma Gandhi in India?
24. What was Rowlatt Act? Why was Rowlatt Satyagraha called off.
25. What was Khilafat movement? Who started it?
26. Describe non-cooperation movement? Why did it decline?
27. How was the idea of Swaraj different for different community? Explain with two examples ?
28. Why was Simon commission sent? Why was it boycotted?
29. What was the significance of Lahore congress?
30. Describe the Civil Disobedience movement?
31. How did culture help to shape nationalism in India?
32. What were the provisions of Gandhi Irwin Pact?


33. What is meant by proto-industrialization? How was production organized in this period?
34. What were guilds? How did they control production?
35. What were the features of industrialization or pace of industrial change in England?
36. Why could steam power (machines) not displace hand labour in England?
37. How did British East India Company secure goods for export in India?
38. Who were early entrepreneurs in India? How did they earn capital?
39. What were the peculiarities of Industrialization in India?
40. How did manufactures create market for their goods?
41. What was the role of jobbers?


42. Which historical processes have shaped the growth of modern city? How did ancient cities develop?
43. How did London grow as a big city?
44. Which were the marginal groups in London?
45. What was the condition of housing in London? Why some people were worried about poor living condition?
46. What measures were taken for cleaning London and making it more hygiene?
47. How was the problem of transport solved in London? What were its positive and negative aspects?
48. What was the condition of women in 19 century in London? How did people pass their leisure time in London?
49. How was Houssmanisation of Paris both a bane or a boon?
50. How did Bombay grow as a prime city?
51. What was the condition of housing in Bombay?
52. What were the reclamation projects undertaken in Bombay?
53. How were the cities challenge for environment?


54. What was the earliest print technology? Where did it develop?
55. Who introduced printing in Japan? Which was the first book to be printed?
56. What was the calligraphy?
57. What was Ukiyo?
58. When and by whom was printing brought to Europe?
59. Two measures taken by the book sellers /publishers to increase the sale of books?
60. When and where Gutenberg develop his printing press?What were its specialities?
61. How did printing create a new culture of reading?
62. Why were some people afraid (apprehensive) of printing?
63. What was the implication of printing in religion? Why did Roman Catholic Church begain to maintain an Index of prohibited books ?
64. What was the role of print culture in French Revolution?
65. What were the subject matter of women writers in England? Mention two women writers?
66. What were Penny Magazine and Shilling Series?
67. Who improved Gutenberg’s printing press?What were its specialities?
68. What were the merits of offset press? When was it developed?
69. Who brought printing press in India? Which books were printed first?
70. How did print influence reform movement in India?
71. Who were Ulema? What is Fatwa?
72. Which new forms of Literature and art become popular due to print?
73. How did print influence women in India?
74. How did print influence the poor people?
75. Why did British Government impose censorship of press? What were its impact?

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