(Important Questions) Important Question For CBSE Class X English Board Examination 2009-10 (Set -2)

(Important Questions) Important Question For CBSE Class X English Board Examination 2009-10 (Set -2)

Q. 1. The following passage has not been edited. There is an error in each of the line against which a blank is given. Underline the incorrect word and write the correct word in the space provided.

A blonde woman boards a airplane. A. _______________
She is extremely exhausting B. _______________
and just wanted to take a nap. C. _______________
She eventually finds her seat and sits D. _______________
down next to the very curious young man. E. _______________
He want to test the whole dub blonde thing F. _______________
and possibly make much money out of it. G. _______________
So he asks her that she wants to play a H. _______________
game with him. (4)

Q. 2.  In the following passage one word has been omitted from each line. Write the missing words. The first one has been done for you.

The ocean plays essential role in the world's A.    _______________
climate system, absorbing half the heat               B.    _______________
from sun. The heat escapes to warm the              C.    ______________
atmosphere, mainly through evaporation
either locally or months years later having          D.    ______________
transported by ocean currents thousands           E.    ______________
of kilometers. The upper three meters of ocean   F.    ______________
can hold more heat the entire atmosphere, and   G.   ______________
sea surface and subsurface temperatures now    H.   _____________
used by meteorologists when they make climate forecasts. (4)

Q. 3.  Read the following conversation and then report what was said by completing the following passage. (5)

Professor: I have made a new invention!
Student: What will it do?
Professor: It allows people to look through brick walls!
Student: What is it called?
Professor: It's called a window!

A professor told his student that  (a)  ______________________________________________________. The student wanted to know (b)  __________________________________________________________. The professor informed that it  would allow people (c)  ______________________ through the brick walls. The student got excited and inquired  (d) ________________________________________ called. The professor replied that it  (e)  __________________________________  a window.

Q. 4.  Complete the following dialogue by filling in the gaps in any suitable way. Write your answers in the space provided. Do not copy the whole sentence. (4)

Anu      :  Are you joining school picnic trip?
Anmol :  No, (a) ______________________________.
Anu      :  Oh, I am sorry to know it.
Anmol  :  Don’t worry about me. Enjoy and have a great fun !
Anu      :  (b) _________________________ you.
Anmol  :  I too. Aey ! Tell, are carrying camera with you?
Anu      : I don’t have any.
Anmol  : (c) __________________________________ ?
Anu      : That would be fine, thanks ! I’ll catch pics for you.
Anmol  : Take it, its my brother’s camera so please (d) _______________________ .
Anu      : Yes, sure. 

Q. 5.  Rearrange the words to form meaningful sentences. (3)

  1. has / the / god / web / with / of / woven / sorrows / life / different / joys / colors / and / of
  2. Sure / night / a / to / if / falls / day / is / dawn
  3. always / for / golden / of / wait/ should / love / we / and / the / days / prosperity.