(Model Paper) Andhra Pradesh Board Intermediate 2nd Year Model Question Papers (Civics)

Board of Intermediate Education, Andhra Pradesh

Civics Part-I

Time : 3 Hours
Max Marks : 100

Section – A

Essay Question) 3x10 = 30 Marks

Answer any three of the following.

1. Discuss the salient features of the Indian Constitution.

2.  “The Directive Principles of State Policy Constitute a comprehensive political, Social and economic program for a modern democratic welfare State”. Examine.

3. What are the powers and Functions of the Indian President ?

4. Give a brief account of the composition, Powers and Functions of Parliament.

5. Describe the salient features of Panchat Raj System in Andhra Pradesh.

Section – B

(Short Answer Questions). 8x5 = 40 Marks

Answer any Eight of the following.

6. What is “Diarchy” ? Describe briefly the features of the Government of India Act of 1919.

7. Explain the importance of “Fundamental Rights” in the Indian constitution. Enumerate them.

8. What are the Powers and Functions of the Supreme Court of India ?

9. Explain the “Discretionary Powers” of Government of India.

10. Explain the main features of union Territories.

11 Comment briefly on the working of the Indian Constitution.

12. Explain briefly the role of “Political Parties” in India.

13. Give your opinion on the 14th Loksabha Elections in India.

14. Describe the composition and functions of the State Public Service Commission.

15. Write a brief note on the recommendations of the National Commission on Review of the Indian constitution.

16. Explain briefly the imp ortant elements of India’s Foreign Policy.

17 Explain the achievements and failures of UNO.

Section – C

(Very Short Answer) 15x2 = 30 Marks

Answer any 15 of the following :

18. Importance of ‘Dandi March’.

19. “Objectives” of the Constituents Asembly of India.

20. Importance of the “Preamble” of the Indian Constitution.

21. “Fundamental Duties” in the Indian Constitution.

22. “Directive Principles of State Policy relating to Women’s Welfare in the Indian Constitution.

23. Importance of ‘ Article 356’.

24. What is “Impeachment” ?

25. Differences between “Public Bill” and “Private Bill”.

26. “Public Accounts Committee” (PAC) of Parliament.

27. “Judicial Review”.

28. Council of Ministers.

29. Lieutenant Governor.

30. Recommendations of the “Sarkaria Commission”.

31. Functions of the Secretary of a Village Panchayat.

32. Indian National Congress.

33. “Pressure Groups”.

34. Any four “Electoral Reforms”.

35. All India Services.

36. “Non – Alignment”.