(Paper) Sample Question Paper For Class XII Year 2011 (Physical Education)

Sample Question Paper For Class XII Year 2011

  • Subject: Physical Education
  • Code: 048
  • Time: 03 Hrs
  • Max Marks: 70

1. The question paper shall comprise of 01, 02, 03 & 05 marks questions.
2. From “Part A”, each unit shall have a minimum weightage of 06 marks and question(s) of 01 mark or 02 marks can be from any one of the unit(s).
3. From “Part B”, questions will be of 02, 03 & 05 marks from each unit.

Part A:

1. Answer to question carrying 01 mark should be in approximately 30 words.
2. Answer to question carrying 02 marks should be in approximately 60 words.
3. Answer to question carrying 03 marks should be in approximately 100 words.
4. Answer to question carrying 05 marks should be in approximately 150-200 words.

Q.1. What is the meaning of Physical Fitness? (1)
Q.2. What does the word tournament mean? (1)
Q.3. Define environment. (1)
Q.4. What is Lordosis? (1)
Q.5. Define Asanas. (1)
Q.6. What are Proteins? (1)
Q.7. What is Fartlek? (1)
Q.8. Define Sports Psychology. (1)
Q.9. Mention any two principles of Physical Fitness development in brief. (2)
Q.10. Discuss the need of proper sports environment. (2)
Q.11. Define the role of yoga in sports. (2)
Q.12. Mention any four benefits of warming-up. (2)
Q.13. Explain the interval training method. (2)
Q.14. What are aerobic and anaerobic activities? (3)
Q.15. What is the role of an individual in prevention of sports related accidents? (3)
Q.16. Discuss speed and its methods of development. (3)
Q.17. Write a short note on “Yoga as an Indian Heritage”. (3)
Q.18 List the various types of tournament. Draw a knock-out fixture for 21 teams. (2+3=5)
Q.19. Explain any five common postural deformities. (5)
Q.20. What is balance diet. Elucidate its elements. (1+4=5)
Q.21. What do you mean by anxiety? How can it be managed? (2+3=5)

Part B

Answer the questions 22-24 from any one game/sport only.

Q.22. Mention two latest changes in general rules of the game/sport of your choice. (2)
Q.23. Write in brief about three fundamental skills of the game/sport of your choice. (3)
Q.24. Draw a neat diagram of field/court/table of the game/sport of your choice with all its  measurements and specifications. (5)
Q.25. Write a shot note on School Games Federation of India (SGFI). (2)
Q.26. Explain the soft tissue injuries. (3)
Q.27. Name the important National Sports Awards and explain about any one of them. (5)