(Paper) CBSE : Class 9th Science Unit Test Paper-01

CBSE : Class 9th Science Unit Test Paper-01

First Term Unit Test – 2008-09
Subject – Science
Class – IX
Time: 1.5 Hours                                                          M.M.: 40


1.All questions are compulsory.
2. Draw diagram wherever necessary.
3. Questions 1 to 8 are of 1 mark only. Questions 9 to 14 are of 2 marks and 15 to 19 are of 3 marks only Question 20 bears 5 marks. 

1. Name three states in which water exists. 1-mark
2. Give any one characteristic of the particles of matter. 1-mark
3. Define sublimation. 1-mark
4. What is the function of the plasma membrane in a cell?  1-mark
5. Why is Mitochandria called the “Power House of the cell”? 1-mark
6. What happens when a cell is placed in a hypertonic solution? 1-mark
7. What is Odometer? 1-mark
8. Define average speed. 1-mark
9. Differentiate between distance and displacement. 2-marks
10. The odometer of a car reads 2000 km at the start of a trip and 2400 km at the end of the trip. If the trip look 8h, calculate the average speed of the car in kmh-1 and ms-1. 2-marks
11. Why are Lysosmes known as suicidal bags of the cell? 2-marks
12.  Define Osmosis. 2-marks
13. Convert the following temperature to celsuis scale.
(a)300 K
(b) 573 K
14. What type of clothes should we wear in summer? 2-marks
15. Differentiate between Prokaryotic and Kukaryotic cell. 3-marks
16. Tabulate the differences in the characteristics of states of matter. 3-marks
17. What are the factors on which evaporation depends? Explain. 3-marks
18. What produces more serve burns, boiling water or steam? 3-marks
19. A car accelerates uniformly from 18 kmh-1 to 36 kmh-1 in 5 sec. Calculate (i) Acceleration, (ii) Distance covered. 3-marks
20. Draw the structure of an Animal cell or Plat cell and Label it. 5-marks