(Download) ICSE: Class X Syllabus - 2013 "Second Language-Indian Language"


ICSE (Class X)
Syllabus (2013)

Subject: Second Language-Indian Language



  1. To appreciate the language as an effective means of communication.
  2. To acquire knowledge of the elements of the language.
  3. To develop an interest in the language.
  4. To understand the language when spoken at normal conversational speed.
  5. To understand the basic structural patterns of the language, vocabulary and constructions.



Papers will be set in the following languages:

Assamese, Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Khasi, Lepcha, Marathi, Malayalam, Mizo, Oriya, Punjabi, Sanskrit, Tamil, Tangkhul, Telugu, Urdu or any other language of an Indian community approved by the Council.

There will be one paper of three hours duration carrying 80 marks and Internal Assessment of 20 marks.

The paper will be divided into two sections, Section A and Section B.

Section A: Language                 40 marks
Section B: Prescribed Texts      40 marks

Candidates will be required to attempt all questions from Section A. They are to attempt four questions from Section B, which must include one question from each of the two prescribed textbooks and two other questions.


This section will consist of four questions, all of which will be compulsory.

  1. Composition: Candidates will be required to write one composition, in the language, which may include short explanations, directions, descriptions or narratives. There will be a choice of subjects, which will be varied and may be suggested by language or other stimuli such as  pictures and objects. ..... 15 Marks

  2. Letter: Candidates will be required to write a letter from a choice of two subjects. Suggestions may be given. The layout of the letter with address, introduction, conclusion, etc., will form part of the assessment. … 7 Marks

  3. Comprehension: An unseen passage of about 250 words will be given in the language. Questions on the passage will be set for answers in the language, designed to test the candidates' understanding of the content of the passage. … 10 Marks

  4. Grammar: This will consist of tests in the use of language vocabulary, syntax and idioms, synthesis in sentence construction, formation of sentences in the language correctly embodying given words or forms. The question will not require any knowledge of grammatical terms. …8 Marks


The question paper will consist of structured and short answer questions. Candidates will be required to answer four questions, choosing at least one question from each of the two prescribed textbooks. All questions will be set in the language and candidates will be required to answer in the language. The questions set will be designed to test the candidates’ understanding of the subject matter of the prescribed books.

Note: For list of Prescribed Textbooks, see

Appendix - I.

The Class X – ICSE examination paper will be set on the entire syllabus prescribed for the subject. The Class IX internal examination is to be conducted on the portion of this syllabus that is covered during the academic year. The Council has not prescribed bifurcation of the syllabus prescribed for this subject.

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