(Paper) Chemistry : Part I for Class XII (Electrochemistry - 01)

Chemistry : Part I for Class XII
Electrochemistry - 01


1. All questions are compulsary.
2. Please give the explanation for the answer where applicable.
3. To view the answer, click on the Answer link alongside the Question.
You can view the answer when the link becomesGreen Red. on completion of allocated time.

Q.1) When 3 ampere of electricity is passed for 45 minutes 2.0 g of metal is deposited. Find equivalent weight of metal. (2 Marks) 

Q.2) Define Kohlrausch’s law. (2 Marks) 

(i) What is corrosion?
(ii) What is Galvanisation ? (2 Marks) 

Q.4) What is Nernst equation? Write its expression for single electrode and cell. (3 Marks) 

Q.5) Define
(i) Faraday’s constant 
(ii) Electrochemical equivalent   (2 Marks) 

Q.6) Write the reactions taking place at cathode, at anode and cell reaction in lead storage cell. (3 Marks) 

Q.7) Define and give one example of each of the following-
(i) Primary Cells 
(ii) Secondary Cells
(iii) Fuel Cell   (3 Marks) 

Q.8) How much amount of a substance is deposited by 1 coulomb? (1 Marks) 

Q.9) Write the relationship between molar conductivity and specific conductivity. (1 Marks) 

Q.10) Give the relationship between free energy change and EMF of a cell. (1 Marks)