(Download) CBSE XI Biology Sample Paper: 2012


Sample Paper – 2012
Class – XI
Subject – Biology

01 Expand ICBN and ICZN.

02. What are phanerogams? What is the other name for them?

03. The term “cell is actually a misnomer”. Explain it in one sentence.

04. Why is the spleen known as blood bank?

05. Why slime moulds are called as fungus-animals?

06. Which hormone is known as an immunosuppressive and a stress hormone?

07. Name the enzyme secreted by the digestive system of a man to digest proteins in acidic and alkaline medium.

08. What are liverworts? Why are they so called?

09. What is GERL system? Give two functions of the related cell organelle?

10. What is a palindromic region of DNA? The adenine in a DNA molecule is 20%, Find out the amount of guanine in this DNA.