(Download) CBSE XI Mathematics Sample Paper: 2012


Sample Paper – 2012
Class – XI
Subject – Mathematics

Question 1: If D,G and R denote respectively the number of degrees, grades and radians in an angle, then find the value of D/100 in grades and in radians.

Question 2: Find the value of (1+i) (1+i2) (1+i3) (1+i4).

Question 3: In a survey of 25 students, it was found that 15 had taken mathematics, 12 had taken Physics and 11 had taken Chemistry, 5 had taken Mathematics and Chemistry, 9 had taken Mathematics and Physics, 4 had taken Physics and Chemistry and 3 had taken all the three subjects. Using the properties of sets find the number of students that had:
(i) only Chemistry.
(ii) only Mathematics.
(iii) only Physics.
(iv) Physics and Chemistry but not Mathematics.
(v) Mathematics and Physics but not Chemistry.
(vi) only one of the subjects

Question 4: Find the equation of the ellipse whose axes are parallel to the coordinare axis having its centre at the point (2,3) one focus at (3,-3) and one vertex at (4,-3).

Question 5: Find the equation of a circle which passes through the point (2,0) and whose centre is the limit of the point of intersection of the lines 3x+5y=1 and (2+c)x+5c2y=1 as c→1.