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(Download) CBSE Higher Order Thinking Skill Questions (HOTS) Question Answers Physics Class XII (2009)

CBSE Higher Order Thinking Skill Questions (HOTS) Question Answers Class XII (2009)

1 Marks Questions:

Q.1 A certain region has cylindrical symmetry of electric field. Name the charge distribution producing such a field.

Q.2 Represent graphically the variation of electric field with distance, for a uniformly charged plane sheet.

Q.3 How will the radius of a flexible ring change if it is given positive charge?

Q.4 Five Charges of equal amount (q) are placed at five corners of a regular hexagon of side 10 cm. What will be the value of sixth charge placed at sixth corner of the hexagon so that the electric field at the centre of hexagon is zero ?.

Q.5 Two conducting spheres of radii r1 & r2 are at same potential. What is the ratio of charges on the spheres?.

Q.6 Why do we use nitrogen or methane gas in Van-de-Graff generator ?

Q.7 An electric charge q is placed at one of the corner of a cube of side ‘a’. What will be the electric flux through its one of the face?

Q.8 A square surface of side L meters is in the plane of the paper. A uniform electric field E (volts/m), also in the plane of paper, is limited only to lower half of the square as shown in the diagram. What will be the electric flux (in SI units) associated with the surface.

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