(Model Paper) UP Board: English Class X Model Test Paper Year 2011

Class-X - English
(Only Question Paper)

Time: 03 hours
Maximum Marks: 100

(i) This question-paper is divided into two sections-‘A’ and ‘B’
(ii) All questions from the two sections are compulsory.
(iii) Marks are indicated against each question
(iv) Read the question very carefully before you answer them


1. Select one of the following passages and answer the questions given below it:
(a) But although many people loved the old man and delighted in his wisdom, there was some who did not approve of him. He taught that man’s own mind influenced his conduct more than the gods. This seemed to some people a new and wicked idea. He said that there were higher and nobler deeds than making sacrifices to Athens and the other gods of Greece and many people thought that he was leading the young astray questioning all that they had been taught to believe and filling the minds with doubt.
(i) Write the name of the lesson from which the above passage has been taken who is the author of the lesson? 1+1=2
(ii) Who is the old man referred to in the first sentence.? 02
(iii) What were the teachings of the old man which the people of Greece did not like? 02
(iv) How was the old man leading the young astray according to some people of Athens? 02
(v) Find out the words in the passage which have the following meanings :
(x) Very pleased
(y) to behave 1+1=2

(b) Akbar was greatly intrigued; he wanted to hear Hari Das but, emperor though he was, he could not get Hari to his court, so he and Tansen went to the Himalayas where in his ashrama dwelt the Swami, Tansen had already warned Akbar that the swami would sing only if he wanted to several days they stayed at the ashrama; but the Swami did not sing.
(i) Write the name of the lesson from which the above passage has been taken . Who is the author of the lesson? 02
(ii) Why was Akbar greatly intrigued ? 02
(iii) Where did Akbar and Tansen go? 02
(iv) What had Tansen warned Akbar of ? 02
(v) Find out the words in the passage which have the following meanings: 1+1=2
(x) fascinated
(y) lived

2. Answer one of the following questions in about 60 words: 7
(a) Who was Socrates? What did he teach the people.
(b) How died the people of the two villages treated Guru Nanak and Mardana ?
3. Answer one of the following questions in about 25 words: 4
(a) Why did Lencho write a letter to God? (2+2)
(b) Why does Nehru call the Ganga ‘the river of India’

4. Match the words of List –A with their meaning list-B - 4
List -A

Coming out
To put an end to

5. Select one of the following pieces of poetry and answer the
questions given below it:
(a) Life is real ! life is earnest !
And the grave in not its goal;
“ Dust thou art, to dust returnest ,”
Was not spoken of the soul.
(i) Write the name of the poem from which the above stanza has been taken. 01
(ii) What is the view of the poet about true life? 1 ½
(iii) What does the poet say about human ‘body’ and ‘soul’?
Point out the words which rhyme together in the given stanza. 01
(b) It is not growing like a tree.
In bulk, doth make Man better be,
Or standing as an Oak, three hundred year
To fall a log at last, dry, bald and sere.
(i) Write the name of the poet who has composed the poem from which the above stanza has been taken.01
(ii) How long does an Oak tree live ? 1 ½
(iii) What happens to an Oak tree at the end ? 1 ½
(iv) Point out the words which rhyme together in the above stanza . 01

6. Give the central idea of one of the following poems in about 40 words : 04
(a) The perfect Live (b) The fountain


Write four lines from one of the poems given in your text book . (Don not copy out the lines given in this question paper)

7.Answer any two of the following questions in about 25 words: 04+04 =08
(a) How did Edison find in his mother the best teacher ?
(b) Why did the guilty tremble before Vikramaditya ?
(c) Who was the founder of the modern Olympic Games?

8.Point out the ‘true’ and ‘false’ Statements in the following:1x4=04
(a) Edison was born in Canada
(b) The king of Ujjain ordered to dig under the mound.
(c) Vikramaditya loved justice and hearing.
(d) Luz long was on American.

9. Select the most suitable alternative to complete the following statements: 1x4=04
(a) Edison was fond of
(i) telling stories
(ii) playing games
(iii) doing experiments
(iv) Flying kites

(b) Edison’s teacher asked his parents to take Edison out of School because-
(i) he was ill mannered.
(ii) he was stupid and naughty.
(iii) he asked too many questions.
(iv) She thought he was stupid and naughty.

(C) The Judgment seat of Vikramaditya was made of-
(i) gold
(ii) Silver
(iii) iron
(iv) Stone

(e) Olympic Games were held in Berlin in ----
(i) 1932
(ii) 1936
(iii) 1940
(iv) 1950


10. (a) Frame Correct sentences by reordering the words in the following : 1+1 =02
(i) fit keeps regular exercise us.
(ii) never hard waste goes work.

(b) Change the following sentences as directed in the brackets: 1+1=02
(i) Dr. Ranjana teaches us science( Passive voice)


He admitted his mistake (interrogative sentence)
(ii) Do we not love pretty flowers? (Affirmative Sentence)


Do you go to play everyday? (Negative Sentence)

(C) Change the following into indirect speech: 2+2=04
(i) The teacher said to the boys, “ Honesty is the best policy.’
(ii) My father said, “Have you done your work?’’

(d) Rewrite the following Sentences using the correct forms of the verbs giving in the brackets: 1+1=02
(i) It…………too hot yesterday. (be)
Gandhiji ……….on 30th January 1948 (die).
(ii) When we were returning home, it suddenly …..raining.
I have never ………..such a tasteless food (eat)

11. (a) Choose the correct prepositions from the following list and fil in the blanks in the sentences given there under-
1+1= 02
(List: Since, to with, after, at, for)
(i) She knocked…………the door
The police ran …………the thief
(ii) I cannot agree……….your proposal
We have been living in this house…….. twenty years.
(b) Completes the following sentence : 1+1=02.
(i) Do not smoke because …………
(ii) You can get good marks if…………
(c) Complete the spelling of any two of the following words: 1+1=02
(i) exhib---t---on (ii) C---sins (iii) ba—t--ria
(d) Punctuate the following using capital letters wherever necessary: 02
I said to my father will you give me two hundred rupees as I which to buy a new dress .

12. Translate the following into English : 07

महात्मा गांधी का नाम प्रत्यके आदमी जानता है। वह एक महान नेता थे। उनका जन्म गुजरात में 02 अक्टूबर 1869 में हुआ था। वह सत्य एवम् अहिसां के अनुयायी थे।

13. Write a short letter to your brother who has started smoking cigarettes , advising him to give up this bad habit, (Don’t write your name & roll no.) application to the Principal requesting him to. allot you a room in the hostel. 05


Your father has been transferred to Delhi, Write an .

14. Write a composition an any one of the following topics in about 75 words, Points are given below for each topic to develop the composition: 10
(a) Your favorite Game
(i) It’s name.
(ii) How it is played .
(iii) Rules of the Game.
(iv) Other places where it is popular.
(v) Reasons for liking this game.

(b) Pollution
(i) Its meaning ?
(ii) The sources of Pollution?
(iii) How does it harm us?
(iv) How can it be checked?
(v) How can students help in this?
(vi) Conclusion?

(c) Traffic Rules
(i) Importance to traffic rules.
(ii) What are these rules?
(iii) The Problems faced on the roads.
(iv) How can they be helpful to us.
(v) What can a student do to follow the rules?

15. Read the following passage and answer the questions set there on:
At Shantiniketan class are held in the open air. The students sit on the ground under the tree and listen to their teachers. They often act plays they have written themselves and very often they act those written by Rabindranath Tagore, the great poet who founded Shantiniketan. The place fills anyone with peace and quietness. The meaning of the word ‘Shantiniketan is ‘aboede of peace’ . It is one of the best places of learning in India . Many of our great leaders were educated at Shantiniketan.
(i) How is Shantineketan different from other places of learning? 02
(ii) Who was the founder of Shantiniketan ? 02
(iii) Who was Rabindranath Tagore ? 02
(iv) What does the word “Shantiniketan mean ? 02
(v) Give the meaning of the underlined words in passage. ½ +1/2 =01.
(vi) Suggest a suitable title to the above.