(E-Book) Class XII Business Studies : Chapter - VI (Staffing)

Chapter – VI

Staffing (10 marks)

2-3 marks Q should not exceed 30-40 words
4-5 marks Q should not exceed 60-80 words
6 marks Q should not exceed 100 words

Staffing Syllabus (one 6 marks question comes as a choice and one 4 marks question comes on wage and time piece system) 6+4=10 marks

Define staffing as a function of management? (DASTOD)

  • Staffing is the process of determining the manpower needed to meet the objectives of the organisation.
  • Apprising and selecting candidates to fill these requirements; and
  • Training, orienting and developing (TOD) new and existing staff.

Explain briefly 6 steps in the STAFFING PROCESS ?–6 mks

(maintain the sequence. 2 marks will be deducted if sequence is not maintained)

Following are the important steps involved in the staffing process:

Manpower planning:

  • Man power planning tries to assess manpower requirements in advance keeping the production schedules, market fluctuations, demand forecasts, etc. in the background.
  • The focus of manpower planning is to get the right number of qualified people at the right time.
  • Manpower requirements are estimated through job analysis...............