(Notification) Registration Form to be a Mentor For Ongoing Monitoring & Mentoring Program | CCE



The Central Board of Secondary Education has introduced a number of steps for reforms in the school education sector. The creation of an assessment paradigm that is diagnostic in nature, provides essential feedback about each student and helps in the all-round growth of the learner is the backbone of the Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) system. Although not a new concept, it requires changes in the ways in which schools have been assessing their students and there are many issues that can come in the way of its effective and efficient implementation.

While every school has its own unique environment, focus and resource availability, a collective experience with different schools would help us understand the possible issues a school could face. These inputs would be critical in ensuring that there is sufficient sharing, guidance and intervention that can be carried out to make CCE successful in schools.

One of the main aims of M & M programme is to build capacity within the schools to implement CCE effectively. This will be done through ‘Train the Monitor-Mentor framework’. Monitors and Mentors will work as Peer assessors. Each Mentor is a Principal who will be assigned three to six schools in the neighborhood. The Mentor will visit a school and document observations through Checklists, Interaction with Teacher Form, Classroom Observation Scale, Self Review Form and Mentoring Form on CCE. They will then mentor the school if required.  A report will need to be submitted online.

Being a Mentor for the ongoing Monitoring and Mentoring Program by CBSE is purely a voluntary activity and only the Principals who volunteer to take this up will be a part of the M & M network. Incase you would like to be a part of this exercise and be a Mentor school, please fill up this form and submit online.

Courtesy: CBSE.NIC.IN