(Sample Paper) Summative Examination SQP For CBSE Class IX : TYPEWRITING ENGLISH OR HINDI CODE NO.354


Summative Assessment I for the first term (April – September, 2010)
One Theory Paper 2 hours 20 marks
One Practical Paper 1 hour 60 marks

A. Design of the Question Paper for the Theoretical Examination.
01. The question paper will include questions from the following topics

  • Knowledge of Keyboard (second row, first row, third row and number row).
  • Methods of Typewriting (Sight Method and Touch Method)

02. Weightage to different forms of questions.

Forms of questions Marks for each question No. of questions Total Marks
Very short answer 1 05 05
Short answer 2 05 10
Long answer 5 01 058
Total   11 20

Note: Internal choice is provided in the long answer question only.
B. Practical Examination - Keyboard Operation: words – 20 marks 1 Question 20 marks
Keyboard Operation: sentences – 40 marks 1 Question 40 marks

Sample Question Paper Typewriting (English/ Hindi)
Code No.354 Theory Paper Class IX

TIME : 2 hours Max. Marks 20


  • This question paper has 11 questions in all. All questions are compulsory.
  • Marks are indicated against each question.
  • Questions from serial numbers 1 to 5 are of 1 mark each. Answer of these questions may be from one word to one sentence.
  • Questions from serial numbers 6 to 10 are of 2 marks each. Answer of these questions should not exceed 60 words each.
  • Question No.11 is a long answer question. Answer of this question should not exceed 120 words.

Q 1. How many keys are there on Home Row? 1
Q.2 How many methods of typewriting are there? 1
Q.3 Which key is used to typewrite the capital letters? 1
Q.4 How many rows are there on the Keyboard? 1
Q.5 Name the part used for leaving space between two words. 1
Q.6 What do you understand by Touch Method of Typewriting? 2
Q.7 What do you mean by Sight Method of typewriting? 2
Q.8 Name the Home Keys. 2
Q.9 Explain different line-spacing. 2
Q.10 Which alphabets are located on the Third Row of the Keyboard? 2
Q.11 Explain the advantages and disadvantages of Touch Method and Sight
Method of Typewriting.
Write short notes on any two: 2 ½ x 2 =5
a) Shift Key
b) Space Bar
c) Number Row

Sample Question Paper Typewriting (English/ Hindi)
Theory Paper Class IX

Time: 2 hrs. Max. Marks: 20

Marking Scheme

  • 10
  • Two
  • Shift Key
  • 4- Four
  • Space Bar
  • The method of operating the keys without looking at the Keyboard.
  • The method of operating the keys by looking at the Keyboard
  • Home Keys – a, s, d, f, ; , l, k, j
  • There are 3 line-spacing i.e. single-line, double-line and triple-line spacing. However in modern typewriters, provision of half-line spacing is also there and the typewriting can be done in single, one and a half, double, two and a half and tripple line spacing.
  • z, x, c,v, (,) Comma,(.) Full Stop, m, n, b.
  • Explanation of the advantages and disadvantages of two Methods of Typewriting i.e. Touch Method and Sight Method.
    Two Short Notes: Award Two and a Half Marks for each correct Short Note.